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Captain Tsubasa Imagination Tsubasa Taro Misaki Action figure

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The CAPTAIN TSUBASA IMAGINATION releasing the field artist "TARO MISAKI" from Nankatsu SC golden combination.
He usually is calm, but when the the timing is come he will inspires the team. And we reproduceed the shooting scene which he leads the team to victory.
This product could enjoyed by people who excited about the gameplay of combination and the shouts of "Tsubasa!" and "Misaki!".
Also if you combine with "CAPTAIN TSUBASA IMAGINATION TSUBASA OZORA" which accepting order, you can reproduce the twin shoot.
Don't miss this chance to reproduce the super shoot form the Golden combination in front of you!! If you decorate the twin shoot in front of you, you can understand the feeling of WAKASHIMAZU!!!

Barcode: 3296580866823
Type: Action Figures & Collectibles
Tags: action-figure, action-figures, action-figures-collectibles, captain-tsubasa, taro-misaki,
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