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Mighty Beanz 2 Pack Pod Capsule

Mighty Beanz 2 Pack Pod Capsule

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Roll up and join the team, say hello to Mighty Beanz! The collectable Beanz that come alive! What will you find in the Mighty Beanz 2 pack? Tear off the wrapper and find a collectable Beanz Container! There are 24 Beanz containers to collect! Inside each container you will find 2 Mighty Beanz! There are 120 Mighty Beans to collect in Series 1. Look for Rare, Ultra Rare, Super Rare, Mighty Rare Beanz! Maybe you will find a Limited Edition Golden Hero Mighty Bean!

Barcode: 630996665008
Type: Toy Figures
Tags: mighty-beanz, mystery-figure, surprise, toy-figures, toys, under-50,
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