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All New X Men V. 6 The Ultimate Adventure

All New X Men V. 6 The Ultimate Adventure

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Dimension-hopping is something of an X-Men rite of passage, and it's about time the All-New X-Men took the plunge! You don't always have to travel Miles away to visit a new place...but will the Web these time-displaced young X-Men find themselves tangled in Ultimately bring about their end? Okay, enough subtlety: the All-New X-Men meet Miles Morales, the Ultimate Spider-Man - and this is a showdown you won't want to miss!

Plus: it's Iceman unleashed, as young Bobby Drake takes the offensive! And for someone who's said that she doesn't find him particularly pleasant to be around, X-23 seems to have taken an odd interest in the high-flying Angel. Tune in as yesterday's X-Men continue to explore the fear-fraught future of the present day!

Barcode: 9780785154341
Type: Books & Comics
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