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Chuck Norris Talking Wacky Wobbler

Chuck Norris Talking Wacky Wobbler

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The legend, the man, otherwise known as Chuck Norris. Even tough guys like Chuck Norris become immortalized in bobble form due in December, this talking bobble head includes Chuck Norris phrases such as Chuck Norris makes onions cry. Chuck Norris doesnt wear a watch he decides what time it is. Chuck Norris doesnt breath he holds air hostage. Chuck Norris beat the sun in a staring contest. You win some you lose some. Chuck Norris wins ALL. Chuck Norris is not afraid of death death is afraid of Chuck Norris.

Barcode: 830395024158
Type: Action Figures & Collectibles
Tags: 50-100, action-figures-collectibles, chunk-norris, over-10,
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