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DC Comics Variant Play Arts Kai - Green Lantern

DC Comics Variant Play Arts Kai - Green Lantern

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VARIANT A (Valiant), means change, and mutation, and the VARIANT PLAY ARTS Kai, designer, Sculptor, engineers formed a team, while taking advantage of the design is original, and as a "PLAY ARTS Kai" it is the work which gave the entire surface style. As VARIANT PLAY ARTS Kai first step, from DCComics, treat the texture Green Lantern is in imitation of carbon appeared! Strengthening exoskeleton, on top of a hard primary armor and mold of the spine, both the front and the back side of the armor of clear green as well by using wear, has been re-organized as a strengthening exoskeleton as "power ring" and "suit". The combined range of motion of each joint and effect parts of the image of a green ray emitted from the power ring, it can reproduce the scene with a sense of reality. The set include: Accessories: effect parts, two exclusive pedestal hand × change.

Barcode: 4988601318884
Type: Action Figures & Collectibles
Tags: green-lanter, over-10, over-200, play-arts-kai,
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