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Iron Studios Marvel Hawkeye 1:10 Scale Figure

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Following the worldwide success of the Avengers: Endgame movie, Sideshow and Iron Studios are present the latest hero from the Battle Diorama Series Art Scale 1:10 line - Hawkeye! 

Hawkeye is Clint Barton, who started his comic book career as an Iron Man antagonist, manipulated by the still villainous Black Widow, both of whom had a quick emotional relationship. Later, as well as the Widow, he regenerated and entered the Avengers.

Created in comics by Stan Lee and Don Heck in 1964, in the "Marvel Movie Universe" he made his first appearance in Thor (2011) played by Jeremy Renner, where he is a special agent of SHIELD, then in The Avengers (2012) he unites his talents as a combatant and supreme master of the bow and arrow in the formation of the group.

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Type: Action Figures & Collectibles
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