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Kaiyodo Legacy of Revoltech Toy Story PVC Painted Action Figure

Kaiyodo Legacy of Revoltech Toy Story PVC Painted Action Figure

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Appeared "WOODY" of popular items of special effects Revoltech is in legacy OF Revoltech! [PIXAR realistic toy the CG toys of anime appearance! Expressively moving eyes, enhancement of accessories, can be freely poses, such as in the play] full CG protagonist Woody of the animation was the forerunner of the work [Toy story] is play actually touch "big eyes you have! bright on the movable toys' can be moved from the back freely, variations as in the play This report provides the rich look the effect 17 revolver, elongated smart limbs in a wide range of mobile realization of silhouette. it is possible to assume a variety of poses, as in the play. face options face to remove the front half and possible replacement. basic face and the options face both eyes are movable. toy binoculars Lenny is possible to have in the hands of the accessory. Woody. Sheriff badge worn on the chest, faithful to detail, such as gun belt and back of the string Artistic expression. optional hands also abundantly supplied. and hands accessories of microphone and binoculars Lenny is be popular, such as a hand of pointing pose to be active in the production of the play in the scene is included. in addition hold the "binoculars of Lenny" as a bonus parts Buzz of the hand that can be also included. If you attach to the "Buzz Lightyear" Revoltech can have a Lenny.

Barcode: 4537807091055
Type: Action Figures & Collectibles
Tags: over-10, over-200,
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