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Marvel Thor Avengers Now Artfx+ Statue

Marvel Thor Avengers Now Artfx+ Statue

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To Untamed Raccoon !! finally in September 2014 to protect the galaxy approaching Japanese public, is a MARVEL cinematic universe 10 work eyes, this summer the most expected large a SF movie (Guardians of the Galaxy). The activities of outlaw who protect the galaxy, from this work to draw with studded offbeat gag, by the appearance cute raccoon's but the reality is genetic manipulation, violent ultra-you manipulate the heavy weapons, ultra-violent, bad ultra-opening Super hero, as the collectible figures the rocket Raccoon I do three-dimensional in the fastest! ferocious personality expression and that was to bare the teeth representing the pose that was to hand the heavy weapons of size greater than the tall small force even perfect score! pedestal luxury specification that bust-up of Groot buddy with team-mate. Cinematic this product ARTFX + of the first installment of the universe from the scale because it is handy size of 1/10, you can enjoy Hitoashiosakini the success of the movie. (Weir, The Guardians of the Galaxy!)

  • Body size: Height: about 140mm (Rocket Raccoon body: Height approx 85mm)
  • Target Gender: unisex

Barcode: 4934054092598
Type: Action Figures & Collectibles
Tags: over-10, over-200,
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