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Marvel Venom Bust Bank

Marvel Venom Bust Bank

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Venom is the result of symbiosis between an alien life-form and a living, biological host. The human that has been associated with the symbiote the longest is Eddie Brock, a reporter who held a personal grudge against both Spider-Man and Peter Parker. Appearing in the New Spider-man 3 Movie as both the symbiote and Edward "Eddie" Brock, Jr. The symbiote will first coat Spider-Man's costume, giving it a new, black appearance and slightly different spider symbol. Eventually, however, Spider-Man will reject the suit, ripping it off himself within an active bell tower and it will subsequently bond with Brock.

Barcode: 77764675652
Type: Bust & Bust Bank
Tags: monogram, monogram-banks, over-10, venom,
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