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Minecraft Creeper Plush With Sound

Minecraft Creeper Plush With Sound

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The "Creeper" is from the popular game "Minecraft". This Plush Toy stands at 14" high. When you push the button in his chest it makes the sound SSSsss... BOOM! You want to use those pushes wisely. The batteries are included but are not replaceable.

  • Official Jinx Minecraft 14 Inch Creeper Plush with Sound!
  • Authentic item comes with Jinx Logo on bottom front and side of product packaging/box!
  • Stands at about 14 inches on its own.
  • Makes SSSsss Boom! sound!
  • Makes a perfect gift for any Minecraft fan!


Barcode: 794504066005
Type: Plushies
Tags: over-10,
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