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ONE PIECE Wanted Luffy NB Black T-shirt

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Wear the wanted notice of the famous Luffy!

After fighting the World Government and seeing his brother die in front of him, Straw Hat Luffy is back stronger than ever to fight the emperors and become the king of pirates. Get his new bounty of 1.5 billion berries after his fight against Big Mom on this new Luffy’s Wanted One Piece T-shirt by ABYstyle.

  • Slim fit. Short sleeves, finely ribbed round neckline.
  • High quality t-shirt: 150g/m², 100% cotton.
  • T-shirt for men.
  • Color: black and white

Barcode: 3665361037453
Type: T-Shirts
Tags: 50-100, abystyle, black-t-shirt, men's-t-shirt, one-piece, size-x-large, size-xx-large, t-shirt, t-shirts,
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