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Predator Play Arts Kai Predator Action Figure

Predator Play Arts Kai Predator Action Figure

The result of a primitive culture paired with a supreme intellect, the predator established itself as a new breed of invader from space. Now the original predator makes its appearance in the play arts kai lineup.

  • Organic details and realistic metallic armor are captured in great detail to bring out the primal and technological characteristics of the predator
  • Utilization of translucent parts in select areas and the intense paintwork application creates the realistic wet look of a living creature
  • Inorganic elements like the armor and weapons are tarnished and weathered, just like in the movie
  • Wide variety of accessories included: interchangeable face piece and helmet and a human skull that the predator has obtained through its hunt

Barcode: 4988601321969
Type: Action Figures & Collectibles
Tags: over-10, over-200, play-arts-kai,
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