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Predator Variant Play Arts Kai Oni Predator Action Figure

Predator Variant Play Arts Kai Oni Predator Action Figure

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"Predator" which built innovation of a science fiction action by novel setting appears on a VARIANT series. With VARIANT, a change and mutation, it makes sense. A designer, a prototype teacher and an engineer form a team with VARIANT PLAY ARTS kai. The original design is utilized, but it's the work out of which a style as "PLAY ARTS kai" was taken in a surface. The armor which made the bone a motif. The mask and the face I make a demon make bearing a close resemblance. The coarse fear of "Predator" makes fearfulness stand out more, and is expressed modeling. The finish the production with which misfortune and flashiness coexist fusses to the detail importantly and also gives the feel of a material to armor colored, and skin is a change in red and white color usage, and which creates the quality of meat a sense. Appearance of "invader" can be reproduced together with a weapon of an accessory. [The set contents] PLAY ARTS kai exclusive pedestal, a hook nail for clubs and exchanges, helmet parts for exchanges, opening parts for exchanges and hand parts for exchangesx 3.

Barcode: 4988601321631
Type: Action Figures & Collectibles
Tags: over-10, over-200, play-arts-kai, predator,
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