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Skylanders Universe The Skylanders Chronicles Hardcover Book

Skylanders Universe The Skylanders Chronicles Hardcover Book

  • Dhs. 49.00

Step into the Skylanders universe and discover the epic tales of the Skylanders

Want to find out more about the Arkeyan Conquertron or how trolls fight? Skylanders Universe: The Skylanders Chronicles is the ultimate guide to Skylands, covering all three Skylanders games in unparalleled detail and telling you everything you ever wanted to know about the Skylanders universe. You'll meet the Skylanders' allies and enemies, discover ancient mysteries and learn amazing facts about your favourite heroes. New artwork, specially commissioned for this book, shows the Skylanders in action and displays key Skylanders themes in unrivalled detail.

Created in full collaboration with Activision Skylanders Universe: The Skylanders Chronicles is perfect for all fans of the Skylanders video game series.

Barcode: 9781465421296
Type: Books & Comics
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