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The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Poster

The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Poster

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Television Maxi Poster: Get deep into the mind of the socially challenged genius Sheldon Cooper with this hilarious maxi poster. Played by Jim Parsons, Dr Sheldon Cooper is known for his lack of social skills and ability to suck the fun out of most situations, ironically making him one of the most comical characters on The Big Bang Theory. Featuring a close up of Cooper's face as he sports one of his may logo t-shirts, two thought bubbles with his favourite quotes float above his head to more than aptly point out his out of this world IQ level and humbling opinions. The perfect poster for fans of The Big Bang's theoretical physicist Dr Sheldon Cooper.

Barcode: 5028486194018
Type: Portraits & Frames
Tags: over-10,
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