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The Walking Dead Series 5 Charred Zombie

The Walking Dead Series 5 Charred Zombie

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It is now clear what it takes to take down a Walker...Destroy the brain! Anything short of that could be a death sentence for any living human. As the Governor's Woodbury camp and Rick's group engage in full out warfare, one of the Governor's main weapons is sabotaged by fire and gasoline when his screamer pit is ignited in a ball of flames! But fear not, with brains intact this Charred Walker's taste for flesh continues! This action-figure comes with approximately 5 points of articulation, gas can, and disk base.

  • Features approximately 5 points of articulation
  • Includes gas can and disk base
  • Each highly articulated human figure features the exact likeness of the actor by using a 3D scanning process
  • Collect all 5 figures in The Walking Dead TV Series 5 collection

Barcode: 787926145342
Type: Action Figures & Collectibles
Tags: over-10,
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