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ThinkGeek Beach Boy Towel

ThinkGeek Beach Boy Towel

  • Dhs. 79.00

Every once in a while, even the most sun-averse geek gets hot enough to want to go for a swim in a pool, lake, or ocean. Slather on some SPF 42, wait 10 minutes, slather on more SPF 42, wait 10 minutes, retrieve a second bottle. Lather, rinse, repeat. Now you're ready for the outdoors! With your Beach Boy Towel from ThinkGeek, you can tell the world that you'd rather be gaming. In fact, after you take a swim, you're going to find some shade, carefully dry off your hands, grab your portable gaming device, and rack up some points while you drip dry the rest of the way. Ahhhh, summer.

Barcode: 847509002490
Type: Pillows, Towels & More
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